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  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    A Virtual Assistant is an office administration professional that provides support services to businesses from a remote location? Generally Virtual Assistants are sole traders, carrying their own ABN and working the hours of their choosing. As Virtual Assistants are not employees they provide all their own equipment, insurances... saving you from on-boarding costs.
  • What does a Virtual Assistant do?
    Virtual Assistants are your personal assistant or office administrator, operating from a remote location. Services offered vary from Virtual Assistant to Virtual Assistant but can include: answering telephones, replying to emails, scheduling meetings, document creation, invoicing your clients… anything you can do online, your Virtual Assistant can help you with.
  • What hours do Virtual Assistants work?
    Virtual Assistants set their hours depending on the services you require and what their commitments are. Flexibility is key here for both you and the Virtual Assistant. Hours can be worked Monday - Friday during the day or evenings, and weekends depending on the services required and their availability.
  • Will you sign a confidentiality agreement?
    Yes – this is part of a Virtual Assistants Service Agreement. This protects you and us, and benefits all parties. A Service Agreement must be signed by both parties before work is started.
  • I only want a Virtual Assistant for a few hours per week or month?
    That is fine - with a Virtual Assistant you only pay for the hours worked and agreed upon depending on the project or your business needs.
  • Do you charge hourly or packages?
    This is something we will discuss to work out the best option for your business. It could be hourly or a package of hours per month.
  • What is a discovery call?
    A discovery call is a free 30 minute consultation with me by phone or video. We discuss your business requirements, how I can best help you and see if we are a great fit to do business together. There is no commitment, this is a discovery call only.
  • Do you have any other questions?
    If so, please feel free to submit your questions on the 'Contact' page and leave your details so we can discuss or alternatively you can book a discovery call at the top of the page. Thank you.
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